Who can become a member?

All people who have to sell their work to earn their livelihood can become members. That includes all workers, be they employed, freelancing, in training, studying, unemployed, self-sufficient or retired – as long as they don’t take part in activities which contradict the purposes or goals of the FAU.

How and where to join?

Just fill out the membership application and send it to It would be even better if you met us in person.

How do we fund ourselves?
We want to be as independent as possible from all institutions, and fund ourselves by membership contributions because of that.

These contributions consist of 1% of your net income, with a minimum of 6,50 € at month.

The contributions should preferably be transferred monthly to this account :

Konto-Inhaber: FAU Magdeburg
IBAN: DE25 8105 3272 0038 4119 68
Bank: Sparkasse Magdeburg