The regulars table the FAU will be moved to the 8.12.20 into the digital realm.

Digital regulars table of the FAU Magdeburg
Date: 08.12.20 // 8pm
Link to the BBB-room on request

Because of the measures of protection against Covid-19 we have to cancel our open regulars table.
But especially in these times of crisis we view networking and communication as very important. Thus on the 8th of December 2020 the first regulars table of the free workers union Magdeburg will take place. We want to talk about the problems in the everyday in times of the pandemic. How does your situation at work look like? Are there hygienic measures or home office? How does taking care of your children or people in need of assistance llok like? Are you getting help and are there any solidaric examples in your environment?
We’ll start at 8pm. We’ll be using BigBlueButton. A stable internet connection, a modern browser and something to listen to sound on are required.
Due to security reasons the link will only be distributed on request. You can contact us via social media or an e-mail to

The free workers union Magdeburg is an independent, militant, grassroots union.

We seek a economic and social order, which is based on collectiv self administration as a counter to capitalism. For this we want to create a basis in the region of Magdeburg.

To get closer to this goal, we want to fight for better working conditions and more voice in the companies through direct action. Furthermore we want to educate us and others through events and consultations.